Strategic Industry Partnership Submitted By:
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation

EARN Maryland

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Community Challenge/Problem

Critical skills gaps exist with Maryland workers, impeding their employment. Training strategies are needed in specific sectors of the economy where data-identified skills gaps are inhibiting economic growth.

Board Solution/Innovation

EARN Maryland mandates industry-led, collaborative training strategies in specific sectors of the economy. DLLR's Workforce Dashboard ( will be essential to the success of EARN Maryland partnerships, allowing partners around the state to communicate and collaborate on a common platform easily accessible to all. Potential partners include economic development agencies, foundations, universities, and industry associations.

Outcomes & Results

EARN Maryland will stimulate sectors of Maryland's economy vital to our state's competitiveness. The needs of workers will be addressed by creating formal career paths to good jobs, reducing barriers to employment, and sustaining or growing middle class jobs. Mobility for the most hard to serve jobseekers will be encouraged in overcoming barriers to employment through job readiness training.

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