Strategic Industry Partnership Submitted By:
Prince George's Workforce Services Corporation

Mistaken Identity Foundation

Community Challenge/Problem

Tools are needed for those who have recently finished a job training program, have non-violent felony convictions, and/or currently on probation so they can understand how to translate their frustrations and emotions regarding issues prevalent in the urban community into positive leverage which can assist them in gaining and "maintaining" employment.

Board Solution/Innovation

Prince George's American Job Center (AJC) staff conducted three-day workshops wherein facilitators (1) do not reiterate participants’ problems but rather listen to individuals’ thoughts; (2) Educate them on emotional intelligence and the power of identifying personal values as well as helping them create short and long term goals that protect those values; (3) co-create productive options to overcome the historical, emotional, and environmental afflictions which are passed down from generation to generation. In short, AJC staff provide workshop participants with viable means of combating the stereotypical issues plaguing inner cities (e.g., confrontation, the interpretation of body language, anger management, communication, health issues, etc.); and (4) help with job placement and monitor progress for 90 days.

Outcomes & Results

From inside urban communities, Mistaken Identity Foundation uses real time data to root out and combat emotional and physical health issues leading to depression, fear, violence, crime, suicide, and unemployment. Staff also provide job placement and paycheck management. Prince George's American Job Center (AJC) staff partners with Mistake Identity Foundation to help make communities a place where people feel safe, want to buy houses, and start businesses spurring economic growth.

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