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Example of a Good Story

Type: Business Success Story
Submitted By: McHenry County Workforce Network

Joule Technologies

Workforce Challenge
Like so many small manufacturing firms, Joule Technologies (Joule) found itself at a competitive disadvantage when training their small number of employees. While both costly and time consuming, the company needed training to keep its employees competitive in the market.

Workforce Solution
Fortunately, Joule received an Incumbent Worker Training Grant in the fall of 2009 from the McHenry County Workforce Network. The company shut down for three days for an extensive on-site training in Lean Enterprise.

Outcomes & Benefits
The grant money gave Joule Technologies the knowledge and confidence to completely restructure their production processes and philosophies. They have reduced lead times for their products by 60%, increased their on-time delivery to 100% and reduced customer returns by over 80%. Their workforce is confident and is now taking ownership over their products and customer relationships in a way that they could not have imagined twelve months ago.

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