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Meet Andy

Workforce Challenge

Andy was laid off from his assembler job at a manufacturing company in Little Falls, Minnesota. He spent one year looking for a job. Then he saw a posting for a diesel mechanic at Stanley Widmer Associates, an industrial design firm. The position would require him to work on a high-tech one-of-a-kind German diesel boat engine created by Steyr Mannlicher which would require specialized training out of the area. Andy knew that finding the funds for travel and training would be difficult.

Workforce Solution

Andy visited Rural Minnesota Concentrated Employment Program (RMCEP), and qualified for the Dislocated Worker Program, through which he was able to secure funding for travel and training.

Outcomes & Benefits

Andy is currently employed at Stanley Widmer Associates and his advice is "Be persistent. If you think there is an opportunity, don't let it go." His work at Stanley Widmer is allowing him to apply his technical expertise and natural innovative spirit to create prototype of a boat the military plans to use in combat. The boat is made of a type of plastic that is lighter than water, making it as unsinkable as Stone himself.

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