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Meet Aisha

Workforce Challenge

Aisha is a talented, hard working, 49 year old with a BA and extensive experience in program and project management. Her company needed to reduce headcount for economic reasons. She left on good terms and was recommended for re-hire, although she and the company both knew this was not likely to happen. Aisha was unemployed for over 15 months. She never expected to be out of work that long; it was hard to stay motivated. Her partner was unemployed as well, which made things even more challenging.

Workforce Solution

Aisha needed focus, direction, support, and credentials in her field. She took Career Assessment at the WorkForce Center, obtained a certification in Project Management through the Dislocated Workers Program and stayed engaged in her job search. She was invited to interviews and made it to the final rounds a number of times, only to discover that the job offer was made to another candidate. When this happened, she took her counselor's advice and sent thank you notes to the employers after rejections were made. Aisha has recently accepted a position as an Account Manager, working on-site with a Fortune 500 firm. Aisha was invited to accept a position by a company that previously sent her a rejection!

Outcomes & Benefits

After finalizing the offer with the hiring manager, she was told: “I invited you back because you stood out. You were the only candidate who wrote to us AFTER we sent out rejection letters to thank us for considering you. You asked us to please keep you in mind and told us you wanted to be part of our team.” He assured her that he believed those post-rejection thank you notes that she sent proved to him that she had the customer service skills needed to be an excellent Account Manager.

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