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Meet Joshua

Workforce Challenge

When Joshua entered the room and saw all of the long faces he thought to himself “here we go again.” He knew it was about the bottom line and not about him. However, at 60 Joshua mournfully concluded that this was probably his last job because although Joshua has a BS, and extensive experience, he works in a field that now lists an MS as a minimum requirement.

Workforce Solution

After being out of work for over 14 months, Joshua came into the WorkForce Center looking for encouragement and confirmation that he was doing the right thing. Josh found an advocate in the Center who encouraged him to access his skills, research occupations in demand, network with others, stay engaged, and determine whether going back to school was an option for him. While following this advice Joshua received a routine lead and was invited in to meet with the hiring manager, who, after introductions said, “I know you from somewhere.” Joshua recognized the man as well. They both named companies where they had worked, organizations they had volunteered for and places they had frequented. It turned out that they recognized each other from a Job Transition Support Group. This connection allowed them to established immediate familiarity and rapport.

Outcomes & Benefits

Joshua was offered the job offer before he left the interview! He is now gainfully employed in his field and will begin working on his Master's Degree in May.

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