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Meet Maurice

Workforce Challenge

Maurice is a United States Navy Veteran, 50 years old. He was a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the Navy and he worked for HCMC and the VA for a number of years. He left due to a medical issue that has been resolved. During the time he was off work he determined that being a LVN was great but was not what he wanted to do for the next 15 years. He needed to figure out a new career path and a plan on how to get there.

Workforce Solution

Maurice came to a session at the Minneapolis WorkForce Center regarding a new program called RENEW which is a federal grant targeted at training people for careers in the green industry. After complying with all Federal and WorkForce Center requirements, Maurice was accepted into the program. Conferring with his counselor and looking over his assessments, he determined his interests and talents were in the building maintenance field. He chose to go to school for Green Building Operations Management training at Minnesota Resource Center (MRC) and graduated with a boiler’s license, a pool operator license, and a certificate of completion by MRC. The training was a total of 4 months. During that time, Maurice looked for part time work but never received an offer.

Outcomes & Benefits

Once out of school, Maurice focused his efforts on finding work with a property management company. He used the skills he learned in Employment Ready U at the WorkForce Center, tweaked his resume with his counselor and received an offer from a property management company in December, 2010. He is still working and thoroughly enjoys the job and is so thankful to be working. One of the reasons he received the job offer was having a boiler’s license.

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