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Meet Jordan

Workforce Challenge

The last job Jordan held, working for a car wash, ended almost six months ago. Since then, he has been helping raise his child and searching for another job. He applied for work at any place that was hiring, and was willing to take any opening for which he was qualified. Even still, he could not find employment. He came to Workforce Development, Inc. (WDI) for assistance.

Workforce Solution

At WDI, Jordan enrolled in a work readiness class, which discussed job search techniques and the importance of finding open positions that fit one's interests, skills, and abilities and focus job search efforts on applying for those roles. The class taught Jordan interview techniques and how to carry himself professionally so that he could be confident and feel prepared instead of nervous. Additionally Jordan qualified for a Work Experience placement with a local construction entrepreneur.

Outcomes & Benefits

At his Work Experience placement, in addition to practicing work ethics like being on time and working hard, Jordan learned the practical, hands-on skills of preparing for and building a fence. Working with an entrepreneur also gave Jordan a feel for the requirements of being a business owner. With his work experience behind him Jordan is ready to continue his job search using his newly learned interviewing techniques and practical skills.

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