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Meet Martha

Workforce Challenge

Martha was a homemaker and mother of six children. When her husband lost his job, the family had to go on public assistance to meet basic needs. As part of the assistance program, the couple came to the Workforce Development, Inc. office for employment services. Her husband had been out of work for several months by this time, and they were anxious to get back to work.

Workforce Solution

Martha had never visited an employment office, and was a bit skeptical. She was concerned about feeling belittled because of their circumstances, but found the opposite to be true. At the Center, the staff was kind, and the services offered seemed ver relevant to helping both she and her husband succeed in finding and keeping employment in the career paths they chose. She left her prior perceptions at the door and engaged in the services provided with an open mind. Martha learned how to interview successfully and create a "sellable" resume.

Outcomes & Benefits

The assistance Martha received allowed her to land a job that has growth opportunities for the future, where she will not be limited to a minimum wage paycheck. She is grateful for the experiences she received through Workforce Development, Inc.

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