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Starting Over

"When I moved to Rochester almost four years ago, I stayed on the couch of a relative and had no job. I came to the Workforce Center and worked with a Career Counselor who help me apply for 20 to 30 jobs each week. Not long after I started working with my Career Counselor, I found a job!"

"My Career Counselor didn't patronize me, and provided just the right amount of pressure to perform. Once I found employment, the staff helped me with childcare for my two boys just in time! I couldn't be more grateful."

"When I left my husband, I was forced to leave my job. I had to leave the city I grew up in. Within six months' time, in a bad economy, I found employment and a place to live. I have childcare and a new life. Please accept my gratitude."

- Sonji, Workforce Center Customer

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