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Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC)

Colorado Workforce Development Council

The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is the State Workforce Investment Board. The mission of the CWDC is to create a business-focused workforce system that effectively helps to prepare Coloradans for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

The Council accomplishes this by aligning the efforts of economic development, education/training, workforce development, government and business stakeholders at the local, regional and state levels. We convene partners, leverage resources and work to remove communication and regulatory barriers in order to help businesses create jobs, retain jobs and access a highly competitive workforce.

The Role of the Colorado Workforce Development Council:

  • Responsible for the continuous improvement of the workforce system, oversight of Workforce Investment Act funds, and ensuring a statewide strategic vision created from the bottom up through Council members and local partners.
  • Act as a neutral forum for determining the cost of potential regulation and policy to businesses and its impact on the ability of businesses to create jobs.
  • Focus on business needs to create a talent-based, skilled workforce through the alignment of initiatives in education, workforce and economic development.
  • Leverage partnerships to identify needs and gaps and create sustainable solutions and their funding.

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Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE)

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) Workforce Development Programs (WDP) is the grant recipient for USDOL Wagner-Peyser and Workforce Investment Act programs. In this capacity, WDP has responsibility for:

  • Disseminating funds to workforce regions and other sub-recipients
  • Overseeing the statewide one-stop delivery system
  • Developing policies and providing training and technical assistance
  • Monitoring regions and sub-recipients for program and fiscal integrity
  • Maintaining systems to allow reporting of activities and performance outcomes
  • Fostering continuous improvement by developing virtual technologies and other innovative service delivery strategies
  • Pursuing supplemental funding sources and administering discretionary grants
  • Operation of various state-wide employment and training activities

The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment also includes the following divisions and offices: Division of Employment & Training (Workforce Development Programs and the Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium), Division of Labor, Division of Workers’ Compensation, Division of Oil & Public Safety, Division of Unemployment Insurance, Labor Market Information and the Industrial Claims Appeals Office.

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Colorado Workforce Centers

Colorado Workforce Centers

The Colorado Workforce System is made up of 19 Workforce Regions and more than 70 Workforce Centers. These centers are committed to providing quality services that enable businesses to have access to a skilled workforce, and every Coloradoan to have access to meaningful employment--resulting in statewide economic vitality. 

Workforce Centers provide a variety of free services to assist employers and job seekers alike. These include:

  • Job listings
  • Computer & internet access
  • Career counseling & training for job seekers
  • Recruitment of workers, pre-screening & referral services
  • Tax credits and training reimbursement for employers

Customers can choose either self-service or staff-assisted options to meet their employment needs.

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