Workforce Success Story Submitted By:
City and County of Denver / Office of Economic Development

Meet Amber

Workforce Challenge

Last summer, Amber was a high school drop-out, residing in unstable housing, unemployed, and in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. She struggled with positive communication techniques and maintaining healthy boundaries with friends and family.

Workforce Solution

She enrolled in the Denver Characteristics Common to Female Ex-Offenders (CCFExO) program in July 2013. Now one year later, this young woman has completed the culinary academy through the Osage Cafe at Denver Housing Authority, has successfully completed a subsidized work experience that aligns with her career goals, and has expressed a keen interest in enrolling in higher education.

Outcomes & Benefits

What a difference a year can make! Today her housing situation is stable and she is making positive strides toward maintaining healthy relationships. She regularly meets with a therapist and has conveyed a strong desire to attend communication and empowerment classes. She states that with the support of the CCFExO program, she had been able to work toward--and meet--many of her employment and education goals.

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