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Pikes Peak Workforce Center

Meet Mark

Workforce Challenge

Mark came to the Pikes Peak Workforce Center with the challenge of re-entering the workforce. Although skilled as a dog trainer, this was not an in-demand job. He lacked other marketable skills and had been living in his truck parked outside his mother's house. At one point, he sold his truck to have money for a down payment to enroll in truck driving school.

Workforce Solution

Mark was determined to find work and he excelled at promoting his skills. Before contacting the workforce center, he was proactive in contacting several truck driving schools to make arrangements for a loan to pay for training. He searched nationwide and was upfront regarding his background. His case manager at the workforce center quickly recognized his tenaciousness and willingness to work hard to find a job. Mark was enrolled in the Workforce Investment Act Adult program, which paid for truck driving school and his license. He constantly kept in touch with his case manager and sought her guidance and advice. Although he had several setbacks, he was not deterred and maintained a positive attitude.

Outcomes & Benefits

After obtaining his license, Mark took a bus to South Carolina where he was hired by Carolina Cargo. He was quickly made the lead driver and now is driving across the county. His employer believes in giving people a second chance and Mark is making the most of this opportunity. He recently emailed his case manager telling her that all is well, thanking her for her help, and letting her know he will keep in touch.
"I have self respect and dignity again," Mark wrote. "Something I forgot even existed."

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