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Meet Rahel

Workforce Challenge

Rahel was attending high school and working. She was having difficulty with transportation and missing a good amount of school as a result. She was also having difficulty paying for school fees, school supplies, and adequate clothing. Rahel was helping her family by providing her wages from work for rent, groceries, and other family needs, but at the same time was worried that she would have to drop out and work full time if she could not receive any assistance.

Workforce Solution

Rahel enrolled in the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Succeed Program to gain assistance with graduating high school. The WIA Youth Succeed Program provided funding for transportation assistance, school fees, school supplies, clothing, and incentives for good grades. Her case manager also helped her research affordable colleges with the hopes of graduating college with as little debt as possible.

Outcomes & Benefits

With the assistance provided by the WIA Youth Succeed Program, Rahel is on track to graduate from high school in May 2015. Rahel is currently applying to colleges in the hopes of obtaining a bachelor's degree in accounting.

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