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Meet Audra

Workforce Challenge

Audra contacted the Adams County Workforce & Business Center at a point when she had few occupational options. She earned a bachelor's degree in communications in 2006, and was earning approximately $24,000 per year in the banking industry. Around 2011, Audra made the transition to the healthcare field but was unable to make a substantial gain in her income and marketability. Thus, she decided to attend the accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at Regis University, and seek school and employment assistance at the workforce center.

Workforce Solution

Audra worked hard through stacking credentials of a BSN to her introductory training and experience in the healthcare field. This would prove to increase her income, marketability, and current skill set in the field of nursing.
As she completed all school requirements for her BSN, the Adams County Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program assisted Audra with the cost of her NCLEX (nursing exam) and RN license fee, so she could be job ready and appropriate for employment.
With the help of the workforce center, she secured work in the field, and upon hire, WIA also assisted with supportive service funds to make sure Audra had the tools and uniform she needed for success in her new role.

Outcomes & Benefits

Audra is now successfully and gainfully employed as a registered nurse, earning approximately $52,000 year (nearly double her prior income level). She diligently completed her school training, passed her NCLEX, and is now a licensed nurse. Audra is employed with a much improved set of skills that will secure for her stable income and employment for the long term future. Good job, Audra!

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