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Pikes Peak Workforce Center

Meet Susan

Workforce Challenge

Susan first came to the Pikes Peak Work Force Center (PPWFC) to fulfill a requirement for unemployment benefits. At that time Susan was pretty discouraged because she had been laid off twice within eight years. She had been selling new homes when the 2008 recession hit and the bottom fell out of the new home sales market. She felt she was facing age discrimination and could only find low paying jobs.

Workforce Solution

Susan met with the PPWFC career advisor and was enrolled in the Workforce Investment Act program. In the program, she received intensive services including, but not limited to, help strengthening her resume and focused job search assistance. Her career advisor recognized that Susan was going through the grieving process and recommended she attend the PPWFC workshop "From Job Loss to Job Search.' Also, Susan attended PPWFC computer classes to keep her computer skills up to date.

Outcomes & Benefits

Susan is returning to her old field, new home sales, as a reinvigorated and confident worker with new skills. She credits PPWFC services and especially encouragement from her career advisor for helping her land her new job. She is excited to be returning to a field she loves and recommends that other job seekers not lose hope, but seek help form the workforce center to return to work quickly.

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