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Meet Margie

Workforce Challenge

Margie came to the Adams County Workforce & Business Center in between jobs and living with her husband and mother-in-law. Her Husband was employed and they share one vehicle between them. Because of this, any job finding activities have take place by bus or outside of her husband's long work hours. Margie solicited staff at the workforce center for assistance to secure meaningful employment that will meet her schedule, transportation, and family needs.

Workforce Solution

Margie was able to find a short-term training program, with Workforce Investment Act assistance, in the medical field. She possessed some practical front-office experience, but with the addition of medical terminology and hands-on practices in a medical office setting through the program, she was able to branch out into a new field. Margie took full advantage of the training opportunity, getting to school very early and staying late to study, partially out of a passion for learning and partially due to her husband's long work schedule. She maintained perfect attendance, despite having to leave home as early as 4:30 a.m. for an 8:00 a.m. class. Margie worked hard and impressed local employers with her skills, compassion, and in conversation at a facility tour.

Outcomes & Benefits

Margie worked very hard, and was able to graduate the training with confidence in focus areas such as customer service and detailed office practices in a medical setting. Her instructors provided feedback of how Margie excelled in class. She also garnered the attention of hiring managers at a local hospital, and has a pending job interview as a result of her efforts. Margie is very thankful to the workforce center and to the Workforce Investment Act for helping support training, job finding, and clothes for her interview!

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