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Meet The Cup and Cone

Workforce Challenge

Jen Fry, proprietor of The Cup and Cone, stated in a recent letter to the Canon City Workforce Center:
"I own a small business in Canon City called The Cup and Cone. It is the best ice cream parlor in the region, and a sought after destination serving Southeastern Colorado residents and tourists visiting our area. The shop's mission is to train employees in the business of ice cream, as well as cash handling, barista arts, sugar arts and soda fountain arts. Customers can expect hospitable service and the community can expect generous support from The Cup and Cone. As an employer, this year I was able to bring on four new employees a full six weeks earlier than last year. These employee candidates applied in February and were all very motivated, but they needed even more than just the routine training they would get from me. These young adults in their late teens were all economically challenged; one was even homeless. In my years working in human resources I had come to work closely with the people at the Canon City Workforce Center. Though I didn't know what they might have to offer the business, John told me the Workforce Investment Act program was available and directed me to Julie Holjenson. I said I had one prospective employee that I would like to hire but his situation was rather dire and he really needed some very basic needs met. I was also on the verge of hiring four other young people."

Workforce Solution

"Julie told me to send them all to the workforce center for screening to see if they qualified for the WIA program. The WIA program was a perfect fit for three of these four young people! The young homeless man got a haircut, new clothes, and a bicycle for transportation. He has responded to this support and my training and is flourishing! I have challenged him to complete high school and contacted the school district to begin to connect those dots for him as well. The other two young people who qualified have profited similarly from the WIA program."

Outcomes & Benefits

"The help I got from everyone at the Canon City Workforce Center has been very valuable. The WIA program in particular has allowed me to bring employees on and complete their training ahead of the summer season rush. The added value of WIA paying for their training hours is no small thing to a business owner/employer like me and has given me a level of support that I heartily appreciate. This program has worked for me and helped me produce the kind of employees that have ownership and pride in our community."

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