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Adams County Workforce and Business Center

Workforce Challenge

Customer was long term unemployed on her last semester to complete her BSN.She wanted a career so we will not have to face another layoff.She lost job from Johnny Carinos as the company closed.She was able to find a PT stop gap employment but was unemployed when she came to WFC due to her conflicting schedule with school.She was not able to keep up while pursuing her new career.She was living and relying on parents for full financial support as well as living off of student loans and no income.

Workforce Solution

Customer was determined to qualify for Hire for Colorado (Governer's initiative) and was approved for $4000 in WIOA funding to complete her degree.

Outcomes & Benefits

She was able to graduate and find employment within a year of visiting the WFC and employed FT in her desired field as a Registered Nurse making $25.75 as opposed to her previous salary as a waitress of $5.75/hr plus tips. Marissa stated the following:"Hi Jeanette,
I love my job! It is everything I have ever wanted from my degree!" Marissa has achieved her ultimate goal!

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