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Meet Annabel

Workforce Challenge

Annabel had working for an employer for 2 years and was making really good money. The company had a substantial layoff and she was one of the people that was laid off. Since it had been a while since she had to look for employment she realized that she was not going to be able to find a good job without her GED.

Workforce Solution

Annabel came into the Adams County Workforce & Business Center to get registered for her unemployment. Upon completing an initial assessment it was determined that she would benefit from the WIOA youth program. Annabel was screened for the program and it was determined that she qualified. She completed the intake, and during the intake for the youth program it was determined that she also qualified for the Dislocated Worker program.

Outcomes & Benefits

Annabel has been enrolled in the WIOA youth program and the Dislocated Worker program. She will receive the support that she needs from her Case Manager to complete her educational goal. She will also receive assistance with her resume, cover letter, and interviewing techniques to help her be more confident with her work search. She may also participate in a work experience to help build more skills making her more marketable.

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