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Meet Johnny

Workforce Challenge

Johnny and I met during a Family and Community Team (F.A.C.T.) Conference when I started in September of 2015. He was attending the local alternative high school and not doing well. He was struggling with the wrong friends, wanting to drop out of school and being influenced by an older sibling who was not choosing a better life and promoting a grandioso view of illegal activity to his younger brother. The last straw hit Johnny's life and he was court ordered to change his life.

Workforce Solution

There was something about Johnny that struck a chord with me. I asked his prinicpal if I could send a note to Johnny. In that note, I remember stating that I saw potential and talent in him. Also, noted was that when he was ready, the WIOA program would be waiting.

After doing his court ordered rehabilitation, getting re-enrolled at the alternative school, Johnny contacted me and we started the paperwork for the WIOA in-school youth program. Johnny, his principal, the school secretary and me sat down and clearly explained what would be expected and the entire team would help him succeed, because we believed in him.

Outcomes & Benefits

A local pastor who knew Johnny from a support group found the work experience Johnny has been given at a local used car dealership as a shop apprentice. We (the pastor, Johnny and me) introduced the employer to the WIOA program and Johnny is now half way through the work experience WIOA was able to supply the jacket, shoes, gloves and safety glasses needed. Johnny has quit smoking with a few relapses, but he told me he doesn't want to waste his money on cigarettes any longer and he enjoys work

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