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Meet Crystal

Workforce Challenge

Crystal is single and independent. She struggled with juggling 2 part time jobs while making $15 at 1 job and 10.50 at another and conflicting schedules, she decided to pursue her BSN in order to make ends meet and be able to be on her own. She lived with roommates as she was not able to afford bills on her own and had to move multiple times and with different strangers who were not always accommodating to her through her training.

Workforce Solution

Through the financial and moral support received at the workforce center she was able to persevere the challenges and continue to move forward knowing she was to fulfill her expectation to graduate and achieve her employment goal not only to herself but also was being held accountable by the WIOA program and she refused to fail. Despite the challenges she maintained contact with her case manager and was able to complete her training on time.

Outcomes & Benefits

Although initially turned down by a dept at her company, her persistence in retaking the NCLEX after failing and reapplying to a position that was rescinded after failing her NCLEX she was offered 24/hr to start.She wrote the following prior to me closing her file "Hope all is well and thank you SOOOOO much for all your help in my nursing journey.I really appreciate people like you caring to meet the needs of students like myself,supporting us through the challenging process of becoming a nurse!"

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