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Meet Jeffery

Workforce Challenge

Jeffrey came into our office requesting assistance with tuition for Software Development training.

Jeffrey had 20+ years of experience in the IT field, and he lost his last job of nine years due a lay off. He started his job hunt immediately after being laid off, but realized soon after that he was lacking some certifications in order to meet the market requirements for his field. He found a school that offered the training he needed, but unfortunately this school was not approved on the ETPL.

Workforce Solution

Case manager along with MIS Coordinator worked with customer and school and guided school through eligibility application process. School became approved and Jeffrey got enrolled in WIOA and received tuition assistance for Software Development, as well as continuous support from WIOA case manager.

Jeffrey successfully completed his training, and started the job search journey, but despite many applications and interviews he kept getting “no” answers. The case manager kept working with Jeffery and encouraging and guiding him.

Outcomes & Benefits

Soon after receiving guidance from case manager, about interviewing and the importance of being positive and focusing on what he had to offer, customer was offered a job. He is successfully employed and making $8,000 more than what his last job was paying.

Jeffrey’s case demonstrates the impact WIOA can have in helping our dislocated workers to go back into the workforce and improve their wage potential.

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