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Elbert County Workforce Center

Meet Charles

Workforce Challenge

While I was unemployed and looking for work, with the help of Cynthia Rule at the Colorado Workforce Center, I spoke to a gentleman at the Sinclair gas station, who was driving a big truck. He told me that while he was unemployed he went to a Workforce Center and they had paid for his complete training to get his CDL, and then he proceeded to find work right after getting his CDL. I spoke to Cynthia, explained my situation about once having a CDL and needing a refresher course.

Workforce Solution

Cynthia and I looked at various programs and schools. We found a Colorado Springs school offering a refresher course, but they were not an eligible school. Cynthia, the school and I processed the required paperwork for them to become an approved school. I attended the school and passed my CDL tests. The whole process was very well put together by Cynthia and she was such a big help with peace of mind and keeping it stress-free.

Outcomes & Benefits

Today I'm working and looking for a company that will allow me to travel with my dog, Girl. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are looking into other options for work. To be able to be trained so they can find employment in a timely manner. I must give the most credit to my Lord, Jesus Christ. I'm truly blessed, thank you Cynthia and the Colorado Workforce Center for helping me get back on track.

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