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Meet Patricia

Workforce Challenge

The challenges that Patricia faced coming into the program were that she was a young adult with little to no work experience. Being the oldest child in the home where she lived with her grandmother, her younger sister, and cousin, she had to start working on contributing to the household bills. Not knowing how to apply for jobs or what she wanted to do, either work or go to school, Patricia came to the WIOA program wanting to figure out how to navigate through her challenges.

Workforce Solution

Her Native American Career Counselor and WIOA Counselor provided Patricia with two different work sites to gain the necessary basic skills needed to either become a chef or an administrative assistant, her two career options. By being able to work in both positions and learn what it takes to do both jobs, Patricia made her decision that she wanted to work as an Administrative Assistant. Other skills that we worked on with Patricia were how to interview for a job with mock interviews, what to expect during an interview with questions & how to answer, how to fill out an application & create a resume & how to conduct job search. WIOA also provided clothing to ensure that she was dressed appropriately for an interview.

Outcomes & Benefits

Her participation in the program has allowed Patricia to receive a regular, full-time position as a Clerical Assistant at the Southern Ute Head Start in Ignacio, CO. By gaining employment, Patricia has been able to contribute to the family household, start saving money, and start her way up the ladder to become an Administrative Assistant! When asked what advice she could provide to other WIOA participants, she stated, “Keep going and not give up because it will pay off in the end.”

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