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Limon Workforce Center

Meet David and Amy

Workforce Challenge

David and Amy lost their home in New Jersey due to a fire that destroyed everything. They tried staying with family in Florida, but that did not work. They then decided to travel west to seek their future. They did not like any of the places they traveled until they had car problems and ended up in Limon, CO. Needing a place to stay, they rented a one-room place that just happened to be across the street from the Limon Workforce Center.

Workforce Solution

Seeing a Workforce Center, they decided to come and see what we did here. They said, "We were surprised to find a friendly lady here to help us out by telling us about the jobs and the places in town. She has become a friendly helper with all of our community questions."

Outcomes & Benefits

They looked over the list of jobs, requested directions and asked questions. Today Amy works at Subway, and David works at the Southside Bar and Grill. They have decided to stay in Limon and are presently looking for a bigger place to live.

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