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Adams County Workforce and Business Center

Meet Grayson

Workforce Challenge

Grayson entered the Talent Pool program in September 2017. Five years prior, Grayson completed training for medical billing funded through WIOA. Though successful, it was challenging to find a job without experience. When Grayson returned in 2017, he worked with our trainer, Stephani, perfecting a career path, his resume, and interviewing skills. He then entered into the Talent Pool where I began working with him to practice his skills, and he became an active member of our job club.

Workforce Solution

In Business Services, we have the opportunity to view new job postings in Connecting Colorado. While reviewing the daily jobs, I came across a job with a local hospital that seemed like a great fit for Grayson’s new career goals. I sent him the posting which he thought would be a good opportunity. He sent me a targeted resume, and I contacted the hiring manager of the organization. Though we previously had not worked with this organization, I discussed the services we provide and asked if she would be willing to consider candidates from our Talent Pool program. She liked the idea and I sent over Grayson’s resume. He did a stellar job on his resume and interview and the next week was offered the job.

Outcomes & Benefits

This was a perfect example of the Adams County Workforce and Business Center coming together as a team to help a job seeker. From the beginning with the additional education from WIOA to the job search assistance provided by our trainers and Business Services and Talent Pool connecting Grayson with the organization, we were able to help a customer fulfill his new career aspirations, while helping a local business meet its workforce needs. A win-win!

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