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Workforce Challenge

The Recruitment Coordinator at CommuniCare, which operates long-term care facilities in Ohio, Maryland, Missouri and Pennsylvania, is always looking for health care professionals. With 7,000 employees and 43 facilities, CommuniCare, which is headquartered in Cincinnati, needs a full pipeline of strong candidates at any one time. But those high-demand candidates can be hard to find, so they decided to try The SuperJobs Center of Cincinnati which encourages employers to post job openings.

Workforce Solution

Denise Becker, a Business Services Representative at SuperJobs who specializes in health care hiring, began to work with CommuniCare's Recruitment Coordinator and VP of Human Resources. “I toured CommuniCare’s facilities and spoke to managers to find out more about their staffing needs and I met with their staff as well,” In January 2010, Becker set up a hiring event for CommuniCare at their Burlington House facility. The company was looking for RNs, LPNs and STNAs (State-Tested Nursing Assistants) – all positions in high demand. The key to a good turnout was marketing the event, and Becker did just that. She posted the job, created a flyer, had the event announced on local televisision, and sent out word on SuperJobs e-mail distribution list.

Outcomes & Benefits

“More than 40 health professionals turned out for this,” said Communicare's recruitment coordinator. “We were very happy with the turnout." CommuniCare was so pleased with this event, they asked Becker to help them set up a second hiring event in March, this time at their facility in Dayton. Thanks to smart marketing by SuperJobs, CommuniCare again had a strong turnout. "As a result of these job fairs, we have hired 10 health professionals, and we have a very strong talent pool for new staffing."

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