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Meet Steve

Workforce Challenge

Following a difficult layoff, Steve struggled to find work. He had had many years of experience and a BA in the IT industry, but employers seen his skills as "outdated". His family was surviving on Unemployment Insurance benefits...but just barely.

Workforce Solution

Steve came to the Wichita Workforce Center and discovered he could receive financial support to update his IT skills. He enrolled in training programs to update his skills with certificates in the IT industry.

At the same time, due to the financial strain on his family living on UI benefits, Steve needed work. Steve's Workforce Professional emailed job openings provided by the Business Services Team to maximize his options. With this help, he began getting interviews.

Outcomes & Benefits

After only three months in his IT training program, Steve was offered a job with a prestigious local company making a high self-sufficient wage. The employer recognized Steve's desire to improve himself through continuing education and provided an incentive for him to complete his training. Steve will get a large salary bonus once his certification is complete. Due to his financial situation, this would not have been possible without help from the WIA program.

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