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Meet Christine

Workforce Challenge

Christine, a 49 year old Sedgwick County resident was laid off from the aviation industry in August 2009. At the time of her layoff she had been employed for 12 years as an Electrical Assembler making $25.43 per hour. When Christine came to the Workforce Center she was working as a substitute bus driver because she could not support herself on her weekly $436 unemployment benefit.

Workforce Solution

Christine enrolled in the National Emergency Grant (NEG) Program in November 2010 with an interest in upgrading her skills in the Electronics field. She selected an Integrated Electronics program and began training in January 2011. She continued to seek employment while in training and secured part-time employment through a staffing agency with a local aviation sub-contracting company making $12.00 per hour. Christine continued training and employment for almost a year, going to school in the evening and working 25-35 hours a week. In the midst of this time, Christine’s mother (her biggest emotional support) passed away suddenly and Christine was fired from her job when demands for overtime hours would have forced her to drop out of her training program. With less than four months to graduation she began the search for employment once again. Within a month she was hired by a local company as a Flight Equipment Test Technician and began using skills learned in her Integrated Electronics training program.

Outcomes & Benefits

She completed her training on in July 2012 and is currently earning $17.11 per hour. Christine enjoys her new occupation and plans to attend her graduation ceremony in honor of her late mother. She expressed thanks to her Workforce Professional for the tuition funding and mileage support services she received, making her training and new employment possible.

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