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Workforce Challenge

Joseph stated he had multiple "problems" that were keeping him from getting a job. He felt he faced age discrimination; he was out of touch with the modern job search; he lacked an education; and earning too much would decrease his disability benefit. He was living in poverty and accessing services from local community agencies.

Workforce Solution

Joseph was referred to the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). He was enrolled and given a 20 hour per week community service assignment that paid $7.25 per hour. His physical limitations and income earning limitations were taken into consideration so those barriers were no longer issues. Joseph's community service gave him a current work history and he discovered he still has so much to contribute to his community. He started to overcome the negative mindset that he was "too old". He was also offered the opportunity to complete his GED. Additionally, SCSEP staff provided him one-on-one coaching on the modern job search and he attended a special computer class for seniors.

Outcomes & Benefits

Joseph’s host agency was so pleased with the quality of custodial work he performed that his supervisor helped him get hired with the independent company contracted to perform custodial services. He was hired and began working part time. Joseph was very excited to be a working member of a well-respected company.

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