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Developing opportunities in a rural community

Workforce Challenge

Hillsboro Industries has experienced some difficulty filling their skilled openings. They are located in a small rural community and have received many applicants, however most are not qualified for the type of skill requirement that is essential.

Workforce Solution

The Business Services Manager and Executive Director with Kansas WorkforceONE met with company leadership to discuss options to assist with recruitment and training. First, we began to review the company's current application pool and Employment Specialists began contacting job seekers to determine eligibility, skill level, and training interest.

We discussed the possibility of bringing a training facility to the area to assist with building a strong workforce to support not only Hillsboro Industries but several other employers that through this process we determined were also facing many of the same difficulties.

Outcomes & Benefits

Hutchinson Community College, in partnership with Kansas WorkforceONE, supported a welding school to beging training those jobseekers that were interested in a welding career. To date that class has 8 enrollees that will graduate with the skills necessar to now apply with companies like Hillsboro Industries and will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary to obtain employment.

There has also been an advisory committee set up in the community to continue to look at options and to market the continuation of the welding school. The school officials from the surrounding schools are also beginning to refer students to the school as well, which allows to also continue to outreach to you.

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