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Teaming up with the school

Workforce Challenge

When Maria and her employment specialist first met it was through the high school Student Resource Officer (SRO). Maria was affiliated with gangs and was headed towards a road of self-destruction. Maria's grades were slipping; she started skipping classes, and was detained for curfew violation.

Workforce Solution

During the initial meeting with the SRO, we discussed Maria's situation that led to the referral to our program. The SRO shared his story with me as to how he came into contact with Maria. Maria had been detained for curfew violation and the arresting officer happened to be the high school's SRO. He stated that Maria was in tears about the situation; she wanted and needed to get away from the gang but was not sure how to do that without putting herself in danger. The SRO and Maria came up with a plan, but needed assistance from a WIA representative to make it work. Between the the SRO and myself we developed a safe plan for Maria.

Outcomes & Benefits

Maria went on to graduate with her class and entered into post-secondary education. Maria is currently pursuing an AAS degree in criminal justice, as well as participating in an apprenticeship program offered through the local community college and police department. Maria stated to me that she could have not have accomplished any of this without the assistance of myself and Clint (SRO).

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