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Meet Mark

Workforce Challenge

Mark had been unemployed for a year prior to visiting his local workforce center to inquire about training. He had struggled to find full-time sustainable employment due to his lack of marketable skills.

Workforce Solution

Mark had always tinkered with cars in the shop he had created in his garage but was lacking the skills he needed to make it a career. After speaking with a Workforce Professional to discuss his goals he was enrolled in the WIA program. While enrolled in WIA, Mark was approved for and successfully completed an Auto Mechanics program to obtain his dream of being a Certified Mechanic. It wasn’t easy, Mark had to overcome personal issues, deal with stressful situations, not to mention a two hour round trip commute to attend class but he did it, all while maintaining a 4.0 grade average.

Outcomes & Benefits

Mark completed the Auto Mechanics program; he also opened up a shop of his own and has a used car business on the same lot. He is doing extremely well and already has one employee working under him.

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