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Meet Grant

Workforce Challenge

Grant Sorensen was laid off from his position as a Video Production Specialist at Spirit Aerosystems on 07/25/2013. Grant is an Air Force Veteran who obtained his broadcaster training while on active duty and served as a broadcaster for the Armed Forces. After completing his military services, Grant returned to the Wichita area and obtained employment as a Videographer with The Boeing Company. Spirit Aerosystems acquired the commercial division of Boeing in 2005 and Grant continued working as a Producer, Videographer and Editor. After 24 years of employment, he was laid off.

Workforce Solution

In October, Grant received notice that a TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) petition had been approved for Spirit and he was eligible for TAA benefits. Grant came into the Career Center on 11/19/2013, met with Danielle to complete his DW eligibility and be referred for TAA. Danielle provided him with the TAA Next Steps which among other items required him to post his resume to KANSASWorks. I met with Grant on 12/11/2013 and completed Grant’s enrollment into TAA. His employment goal was to return to the Video Production field but he felt that market was limited in the Wichita area.

Outcomes & Benefits

On 01/07/2014, I emailed Grant regarding the availability of new job openings in Wichita and received the best news a case manager can receive. Grant replied and thanked me for the information but said he didn’t need it. He had started a new job as Video Production Manager at a local television station on 01/02/2014 and the best part was in his own words,

“By the way, my new employer saw my resume on KANSASWorks website and called me out of the blue. So I guess, KANSASWorks WORKS!”

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