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Meet Janice

Workforce Challenge

Janice was laid off from her employment in the Aircraft Industry. Janice had over 43 years’ experience and was having a hard time finding employment. Janice's age also worried her as she was about to turn 60 years old. Janice believed her age was a big factor in her not being able to find employment.

Workforce Solution

Janice came into the Workforce center and was found eligible for the TAA program. With the TAA program Janice was able to obtain educational training. Janice decided she wanted to work in the medical field and chose the Registered Medical Assistant program.

Outcomes & Benefits

Janice completed the Registered Medical Assistant program in one year with Honors. TAA program provided the funds for Janice to become trained in an area that was in demand. Janice obtained employment in one month from her completing the training program.

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