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Meet Hilda

Workforce Challenge

Hilda was a laid off Aircraft worker who obtained TAA training. Hilda decided she wanted to make a change in her career. Hilda decided she wanted to obtain her Associates Degree in Social Work. Hilda, in her last semester, started struggling with History and it was too late for her to withdraw or change her class.

Workforce Solution

Hilda called TAA Case Manager to discuss the situation. The TAA Case Manager called the school to check if anything could be done in reference to the History course that Hilda was taking. Unfortunately, it was too late in the semester for Hilda to change or drop the class. The TAA Case Manager spoke to Hilda and offered her tutoring services that TAA would cover financially.

Outcomes & Benefits

Hilda decided to continue in the class and reported that she is doing much better in the History class and thanks the TAA program for always offering assistance when needed. Hilda currently has a B+ in the History class.

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