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Changing gears

Workforce Challenge

Jan was referred to me on April 13, 2015 by another job seeker I was assisting. Jan had been unemployed almost a year and she admitted that she had pretty much given up hope in finding employment. She is currently working with Vocational Rehabilitation on job search and placement assistance but had not solidified an offer of employment. Jan has a lifelong physical disability and because of this, her employment options using her current skill set were limited. Jan is very good with computers and in fact will graduate with her Associates Degree in Accounting. We completed an employment plan that detailed this strength and also detailed her barriers and how we were going to overcome those barriers and gain employment. I told Jan to keep her chin up and that together we would have her placed in a good paying position in 6 weeks.

Workforce Solution

Together, Jan and I revised her resume and detailed all of her office skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office. We called Vocational Rehabilitation and inquired about the Employer Partnership Incentive Program and found out that she was eligible. We began to look at a variety of jobs that would enable Jan to work in an office setting and I started calling employers to inquire about the position and the physical tasks associated. I learned of an opportunity with a smaller manufacturing plant in Newton, IMF, Inc. and asked the human resources personnel if we could meet with her to detail Jan’s strengths and also talk about some incentives available if Jan were to be hired.

Outcomes & Benefits

I met with Jan and told her of the position and discussed the duties, one being some heavy lifting, but told her that the employer would eliminate this task by hiring in a laborer which would leave Jan to do office work to include ordering, inventory counts and receiving of parts. We spoke once again with the HR Director at IMF and together we completed on-the-job training outline and contracts as well as the EPIP documents. On May 1, 2015, just 14 days after meeting with Jan, we found her a fantastic opportunity and she started her new position, earning more than she has in any previous position. In addition, we were able to connect with an employer and open the door to additional possibilities for our job seekers.

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