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Meet Adriana

Workforce Challenge

Before the KHPOP program, Adriana was a full-time student at Garden City Community College completing the pre-requisites for their respiratory program and also working part-time as a secretary for an automobile insurance company making $8.75 an hour. Not receiving any financial aid at the time, during holiday breaks and school vacations Adriana would work fulltime to save for tuition and personal expenses. Once Adriana completed her pre-requisite classes through Garden City Community College, she applied to the respiratory therapy program offered at Seward CCC. During the enrollment process, she was provided with information about the KHPOP program as well as a list of services available to help her. Adriana leaped at the opportunity to further her credentials, called immediately, and made an in-office visit at KHPOP to get started.

Workforce Solution

Adriana describes KHPOP as "launching" her into her new career and specifically credits Micaela Madrid, Employment Specialist, for helping her through the whole process of school and the KHPOP program. Micaela remained in constant contact with Adriana, discussing school and any challenges she might be having with the curriculum. Adriana describes Micaela as incredibly supportive and motivating and says she helped her keep a positive attitude. "I don't feel like Micaela was just doing her job. She was going a step further and showed she actually cared; that gave me an extra push," Adriana says. In addition to Micaela's unwavering support, KHPOP provided Adriana assistance with transportation costs, allowing her to complete all required clinical rotations, which were scheduled around Southwest Kansas and as far away as Amarillo, Texas. This support allowed Adriana to focus on her studies, rather than having to pick up additional working hours to cover the costs of travel. Adriana also took advantage of tutoring services, which were available for any course in which she needed them, from basic math to the respiratory clinical practicum. Adriana describes the security of knowing those tutors would be there as a "relief" and believes that the tutoring support she received has had a positive impact on her preparation for her career.

Outcomes & Benefits

Adriana obtained her Associates Degree in May 2014 and her Respiratory Care Practitioner license in September 2014. She found full-time employment with Uvalde Memorial Hospital in October 2014. Once she accepted employment with Uvalde Memorial, Adriana moved to South Texas where she began her career as a Respiratory Therapist. Today she is earning $18.99/hour
Adriana is grateful to the KHPOP program, saying "thanks to KHPOP, I now have a very rewarding career helping out those in need, enrolling into the KHPOP program is definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made!" In the future, Adriana plans to return to school to earn her Bachelors Degree in Respiratory Therapy. She credits KHPOP, Micaela, her friends, and family for her success. "I am so happy with my career choice and what feels like a new life! My life now versus my life before the KHPOP and Respiratory Program are very different,a good different," she says.

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