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Facing Challenges Together

Workforce Challenge

Don and Mack are two siblings in their mid 40s who were involved in a mass layoff from the same company. The nature of the layoff devastated the employees. Their positions were sent to Mexico so they had no hope of being rehired. Although they had graduated from High School, both brothers had difficulty reading and writing.

Workforce Solution

Both were eligible for WIA assistance and the Trade Adjustment Act program. Mack was enrolled in remediation for 6 months, and Don for 18 months. They attended every day with the GED students, working hard to develop their basic skills.

After spending time reviewing opportunities Mack enrolled in a certificate program for HVAC, and was on campus studying from 7am to 5pm daily. His instructors said that he definitely struggled to keep up but his hard work and determination prevailed and he eventually graduated with a certification that he never thought he could achieve.

After remediation, Don decided to enroll in Building Trades Commercial Construction. He excelled at the technical hands-on-training and was able to help other students.

Outcomes & Benefits

Don completed his program and is now flourishing as a cement/concrete contractor and was recently contracted to do much of the construction work on a new manufacturing facility.

Mack is also keeping busy working as a contractor with the help of his HVAC credentials.

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