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Meet Dan

Workforce Challenge

Dan lost his home and his job on May 4, 2007, in the Greensburg tornado. Dan had to find employment in order to stay in Greensburg, but the only work experience he had was as a janitor for a local restaurant. He still lived at home with his father and did not have a driver’s license. He wasn't able to get a driver's license because he needed glasses in order to pass the eye exam. He had difficulty finding employment because of his eye sight & his appearance.

Workforce Solution

Dan was placed on the NEG Disaster Recovery Grant through Kansas WorkforceONE. The program was designed to help eligible participants impacted by the tornado gain employment while the town recovered, helping them remain in the community, and keeping the workforce intact as employers rebuild. Kansas WorkforceONE contacted the Ministerial Alliance in Greensburg for assistance in providing an eye exam and purchasing glasses. We took Dan for a haircut & helped him prepare for his driver's license exam. Dan attended job search & job readiness workshops. The program helped him create a resume and cover letter and helped him prepare for an interview with a local convenience store that had rebuilt in Greensburg.

Outcomes & Benefits

Through the assistance he received, Dan was hired at the local convenience store and was able to remain in Greensburg. He passed his driving test and was able to buy a car. Congratulations, Dan!

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