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Meet Andy

Workforce Challenge

On May 4, 2007, Andy lost his home and his vehicle in the Greensburg Tornado. Just prior to that day, he'd also lost his job. With no home, car, job or family in the area, Andy needed help to get back on his feet.

Workforce Solution

Andy was placed on the NEG Disaster Recovery Grant through Kansas WorkforceONE. The program was designed to help eligible participants impacted by the tornado gain employment while the town recovered, helping them remain in the community, and keeping the workforce intact as employers rebuild. While working on the program, we assisted Andy in his job search & helped him prepare for interviews. We determined that a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) would help Andy gain a good job in the Greensburg area. Kansas WorkforceONE leveraged WIA dislocated worker funds to send Andy to school to obtain his CDL license. WIA also provided funds for a short-term OJT with a local employer that had rebuilt in Greensburg.

Outcomes & Benefits

Andy was able to rebuild his home in Greensburg. After his OJT contract was complete, he became a regular full-time employee, and still works as a truck driver for the local Greensburg company.

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