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Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board

Meet Rose

Workforce Challenge

"I was always one to stay in a company for many years when hired. When I chose to change careers, I had a new position before giving my notice. It was never a problem to walk into a company, fill out the employment application and get hired. So, needless to say, when I was laid off due to a workforce reduction in February 2009, I was not at all prepared for today's world of seeking a new position. I didn't have a current resume and had really never written one. My latest resume was done in the 80's and I paid a 'professional' to write it for me. I really had no idea where to start."

Workforce Solution

"Fortunately, the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board came to my rescue. I was invited to attend a two day workshop called 'Dependable Strengths'. This class helped me immensely. Not only did I learn what my strengths were, but how they could be translated from one position to another, and how to express those skills in a functional resume. In addition, we learned how to prepare for interviews by learning interview tips such as researching the company in advance of the interview and some excellent questions to ask the interviewer/s. We also learned how to answer the 'difficult' questions in a positive way."

"Later I was invited to attend a four day workshop that was being given by Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions for the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board. This was the 'Dependable Strengths' workshop on steroids! We discussed all sorts of job seeking resources, the importance of networking, when and where to network, personal skills, how to write a resume and cover letter specific to each job application, and how to answer and ask interviewing questions, We also got to do mock interviews and be critiqued on them. Mary Kraft actually took our current resumes and rewrote them for us with the skills we had gone over in the class."

Outcomes & Benefits

"After one solid year of applying for many, many positions and obtaining only six or eight interviews for which I was never hired, my job search came to an end. I took everything I learned from these two workshops, along with my new resume/s and cover letter/s and applied to a few more jobs. I was invited to four interviews immediately. I was offered the job I have today and 20 minutes later I was offered another! This happened only because I used the skills I learned and felt confident doing so. I truly learned how to stand out to prospective employers and how to sell myself as the best candidate only because of the information I obtained in these two workshops."

"And it doesn't end there. I never went to college and always wanted to. By completing the few tasks asked of me by the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board I am now attending Chesapeake College as a displaced worker via Federal funds. I am in the process of taking courses to obtain a Business Technology Certificate, a program which requires 33 credit hours. This will help me immensely in my current job and any future endeavors. All of my dreams have come true. I am in a job I love and obtaining the education I have always wanted. Thank you very much Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board!"

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