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Meet Vickie

Workforce Challenge

Ms. Vickie Hubbard came in to the Dorchester Career Center on August 22, 2012 to apply for unemployment and was visibly upset.

Workforce Solution

After going to the Dorchester Career Center, Vickie met with Ruth Trovato who gave her instruction on how to apply online. Vickie explained to Ruth how the new franchise owner where she had worked was horrible to work for and made inappropriate remarks to her. While reading through the questions online, she told Ruth she quit her Assistant Manager position at Popeye’s…. and ultimately, was denied unemployment (even after an appeal.) Ruth noticed that there was something about Ms. Hubbard (after talking with her to give her resume guidance) that showed her she is reliable and loyal, and probably puts 100% into her work…more when needed.

Outcomes & Benefits

On October 12th a listing came up on the MWE through a Private Job Board for ABL Management, which is a food service for the Detention Center. Ruth thought of her immediately because she felt Vickie fit the bill! After speaking with the contact person on the job announcement, Ruth called Ms. Hubbard and she set up an appointment. She was hired and started on November 7th! At her Popeye’s job, her salary was $30K per year and she worked insane hours and sometimes two weeks straight. Now, her salary is approximately $28K per year, but she works no nights, no 16 hour days, and saves the $2000 difference just in gas! Vickie stopped by the One Stop to thank Ruth for all her effort she put into helping her get a job. Ruth stated, “It was my pleasure to help out someone like Vickie.”

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