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Meet Matthew

Workforce Challenge

WIA counselor originally met with Matthew on April 3, 2012 to discuss possible paths toward finding employment.

Workforce Solution

He received Core services from the DLLR staff including resume assistance and services orientation and he participated in POAC; however he still needed intensive services to gain employment. His recent work experience had been as a Unix Administrator with a large mortgage lender which ended in January of 2012. He had a wealth of experience in the IT field but he still was having issues finding long term employment. He had expressed interest in participating in the Security+ certification program in order to make him more marketable in the federal sector.

Outcomes & Benefits

After establishing that training would be a reasonable path for his situation and increase his marketability, we found a program that was a match for his background at UMBC training center. He was also able to obtain the necessary certification he needed. After completing the training Matthew acquired employment with as a systems engineer to work on a federal contract. He expressed gratitude for being able to tap into our resources and services in order to have found employment.

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