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Frederick County Workforce Services

Meet TJMaxx

Workforce Challenge

In preparation for a new store opening in Frederick, Maryland, representatives of TJMaxx had approximately 60-70 job openings to fill. However, being new to the area, the company did not have any familiarity with the existing recruiting channels and/or the effectiveness of these channels. In addition, they were faced with time constraints, as all of the open positions needed to be filled prior to the store's grand opening.

Workforce Solution

Frederick County Workforce Services collaborated with TJMaxx to develop a recruiting strategy that included advertising and outreach, candidate screening & selection, and management of an onsite hiring event that ultimately attracted over 200 job seekers.

Outcomes & Benefits

TJMaxx successfully filled 65 positions prior to the Frederick store opening. All of these positions were filled with candidates that had been recruited by FCWS. As a result of this experience, the company has decided to enlist the services of Allegany County's One-Stop Job Center to recruit candidates for a TJMaxx store that will soon be opening in Cumberland, MD.

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