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Meet Lauren

Workforce Challenge

Mr. Wolfe came to the Western Maryland Consortium as a dislocated worker in December of 2009. Previously, Mr. Wolfe had been employed as a Mammography Service Engineer where he was employed for 17 years. His educational experience included a high school diploma. He had no formal degree or certifications, as his technical skills had been acquired through field experience.

Workforce Solution

A plan was set in place to help Mr. Wolfe find employment. He was assisted in updating his resume. His academic performance was assessed and an "in house" tutor was provided to aide him in updating his academic skills. He worked with the Consortium's computer instructor to update his computer skills. He attended workshops the Consortium offered to increase his interviewing skills. As employment was not achieved despite all of the steps taken it was decided that funding for additional training would be the next focus. Mr. Wolfe was assisted with research in career and employment opportunities and skills needed for each career. He enrolled in Hagerstown Community College and received a Letter of Recognition in Computer Aided Design.

Outcomes & Benefits

After much time and hard work, Mr. Wolfe's dedication to finding employment paid off. Fort Detrick in Maryland offered him a position as an Engineer Technologist on the condition that he complete training at Hagerstown Community College. He accepted the terms set,completed the training with a 3.6 GPA and entered his current position as an Engineer Technologist trainee. He continues to communicate with the Consortium expressing his appreciation for the services he received.

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