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Meet Kevin

Workforce Challenge

Kevin Shaffer was referred to the Consortium by a school intervention specialist in November, 2007. A 15 year old student, he was identified as "at risk" due to his specific learning disability and family financial struggles. Kevin's attendance, class behavior and initiative to succeed were not in question. His learning disability, however, did negatively impact his academics. It was determined that support from the partnership of family, school and Consortium would aide in assuring his graduation.

Workforce Solution

Kevin received support during his high school years. He stayed after school for help with his academics. In June 2011, Kevin enrolled in the Consortium's summer employment program and worked in a grocery store. His experience was positive and he gained confidence in the work world. A permanent position at the store did not open up at the end of the summer. Kevin utilized the Consortium's computer lab to apply online for positions. He obtained a seasonal job in a store where his Mother worked as her second job. In Feb, 2012, the Consortium developed and funded a 350 hour work experience for Kevin at Rentals Unlimited. Assistance in purchasing work boots was given. Driver's education classes were funded so Kevin could get his driver’s license.

Outcomes & Benefits

Kevin graduated in June of 2011 and he also passed his driver's education classes and has his learners permit. He was hired by Rentals Unlimited in April, 2012 when the Consortium's work experience agreement ended. He continues to be employed at Rentals Unlimited. The employer used the work experience to identify Kevin's strengths and work areas impacted by his learning disability. His employment there is an excellent opportunity as it is a positive work environment and a solid employer in the community.

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