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Meet Marilyn

Workforce Challenge

Marilyn was at the Susquehanna Workforce Center obtaining assistance with her resume. She was unemployed and not making much progress with getting called for an interview.

Workforce Solution

Marilyn expressed: The Employment Specialist sat with me, one-on-one, and gave me suggestions to improve my resume. What I was most impressed with and grateful for is that we used an actual job opening/position that I wanted to apply for. I was asked to review each entry on my resume and compare it to the qualifications for the position I was applying for. We discussed how the qualifications I had listed on my resume related to the position. She was so detailed with the practice interview that it took a few hours to get through a fraction of my resume. At the time I was grateful for the help but feeling a little overwhelmed.
The process was not over when I left the workforce center. I was asked to send the Employment Specialist a copy of my completed resume for further review and assistance. She then emailed me employment announcements that matched my experience, on a regular basis. To be perfectly honest, I did not feel as confident in my qualifications and experience as she did during our practice interview. She kept telling me, “You have the experience, now tell me about it. Tell me what you did using examples that relate to the position but when you do, it should flow without hesitation. Be comfortable with explaining what you did.”
At home, I began to practice explaining my work experience. I applied for one of the positions emailed me by the Employment Specialist and got an interview. Prior to the interview, I reviewed my resume and thought about what I would say and how to relate my resume to the job.

Outcomes & Benefits

Two weeks after the interview, I received a call from the hiring agents. Both said they were really impressed with my interview and how I responded to the questions. I was not hired for the position I interviewed for but they were wondering if I would take a position that paid $10,000 more a year

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