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Meet Kevin

Workforce Challenge

Kevin Nozeika graduated with a certificate from a CNC Machining Class. As a former worker from the bankrupt Armco Steel plant in the 1990’s and subsequently from RG Steel in 2012, he decided to go to school for a job that would provide skills enabling him to work outside of the steel industry.

Workforce Solution

Mr. Nozeika enrolled in NEG and was able to use the grant to not only help to pay for the cost of his travels to and from his training but was also able to purchase a set of dress clothes for job interviews.

Outcomes & Benefits

Kevin applied for a job in Texas with a machining company and TAA was able to provide him with the opportunity to fly to Texas to be interviewed. Kevin expressed, “They told me they normally start people at $17 an hour but they were impressed with my schooling and my willingness to come to Texas and offered me $19 and hour.” Kevin accepted the position and applied for relocation assistance from Trade, which was granted, and recently moved to Texas to start his new job. He was very appreciative of the support he received from his workforce center with his relocation, travel expenses, and in getting his résumé made in a way that helped to highlight his strengths as an employee to his new company.

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